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1:1 Coaching

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Engineered to Lead 1:1 Coaching is relevant, high impact, and application-based leadership development that designed to maximize your growth from the very start of your journey. It is designed for individuals who want dedicated time to work on their leadership development.  Through our collaboration, we work on creating a custom development plan designed to help you address your most immediate leadership challenges and prepare you for the future. 

It takes more than theory, goal setting and action planning to build leadership skills.  The number one challenge that I have heard from clients that have tried other leadership development programs is failure to follow-through. Sometimes it is due to a limiting belief, sometimes it is due to lack of experience in application of skills. Engineered to Lead eliminates this obstacle by offering monthly workshops that allow you to go deep on practicing your skills in a supportive, constructive environment.  These workshops are free when you enroll in 1:1 Coaching.

Our laser-focused sessions come in 30-minute or 45-minute package combinations.  There is also an on-demand option that allows you to book sessions on an as-needed basis (this is only for individuals that have enrolled in a package previously).


Benefits of Engineered to Lead 1:1 Coaching

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Dedicated time to get out of the daily grind and focus on the bigger picture.

Gain clarity around your goals and create solid action plans with built-in accountability to achieve them.

Learn to connect, communicate, and collaborate with others to build more productive relationships that positively impact bottom-line results.

Uncover blind spots and overcome limiting beliefs to build confidence and competence as a high-impact leader.

Become a more well-rounded leader capable of handling multifaceted challenges.

Gain a trusted advisor with the personal experience of making the successful transition to leadership, and who has a track record of and passion for helping other technical professionals do the same.

Interested in Learning More?

Am I Ready for
1:1 Coaching?

To determine if you are ready for 

1:1 Coaching, ask yourself:

  • Am I serious about investing my time to develop my leadership skills?

  • Do I want to take action NOW?

  • Am I willing to figure out how to follow-through even if when it gets hard?


  • Am I willing to be honest and open?

If you answered YES to these questions, then

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1:1 Coaching Pricing

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to coaching because every client has unique needs and goals.

We will work together to customize a comprehensive coaching package that fits your needs, goals, timeline, and budget. 

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