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Engineered to Lead Mastermind

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What is the Engineered to Lead Mastermind?

Engineered to Lead Mastermind is a six-month accelerated, cohort-based, virtual, applied leadership development program. It consists of a small group of highly motivated professionals that meet regularly with the common goal of advancing leadership skills, influence, and impact.

We meet monthly for 2 hours. Each meeting, you will get the opportunity to bring your most pressing leadership challenge to the table and get instant ideas and resources that you can use to overcome your challenge. Our Engineered to Lead  Mastermind is a strategic resource that leverages the group's experience and collective brainpower to help one another solve problems, get unstuck, and move forward faster. Together, we help one another move from intentions to real actions, holding one another accountable in a supportive environment.

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Shortening your learning curve by tapping into the experience and skills of other members

Uncovering blind spots

Brainstorming ideas outside of your organization/industry

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Increasing your confidence by developing awareness of how you show up and how you need to show up

Improving your decision making

Investing dedicated time on your professional development 

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Setting stronger goals with better action planning and accountability

Getting peer support as well as peer accountability

Developing skills that have positive impacts in both your professional and your personal arenas

Benefits of Engineered to Lead Mastermind

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Who Should Join?

You should join Engineered to Lead Mastermind if:

You are committed to becoming an effective leader, are ready to create serious action plans AND implement those plans to see results.

You are ready to work in a group environment where the combined effect of many minds helps you to move further faster to achieving your goals.

You want to learn to lead with precision and excellence, becoming a powerful positive influence in both your professional and personal arenas.

Video Conference

Engineered to Lead Program Investment 

6 Install Payments of $450

Pay in Full - $2550


What People Say

“Grace helped me navigate my most significant professional challenge to date; transitioning from supervisor to a member of the leadership team.  She coached me through business fundamentals (think mini-MBA), a high-profile project, and helped me prepare for an executive-level corporate assessment, all of which I completed with flying colors.  I appreciated her dynamic approach to our coaching relationship.  I left each session with a broadened perspective, resources, and an actionable plan that positioned me to achieve my goal.  For anyone serious about their goals, I highly recommend working with Grace.  She believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself, and she will help you realize you are more than capable of achieving your goals!”


Grace coached me through my strategic planning which helped me gain clarity, direction and focus. I benefited from Grace’s ability to build on my ideas and suggestions and to hold me accountable to take action. Grace is clear, articulate and direct in sharing and providing feedback which helped to open new perspectives to what and how I wanted to achieve my goals. If you are looking for a coach who can help you gain clarity and focus - that is Grace.


 13+ Years of Global Business Experience & 6000+ hours of Coaching Experience

For the right person, the Engineered to Lead Mastermind is transformational. Imagine what you can achieve when you complement your technical expertise with game-changing leadership skills.


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