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Cultivate the Leadership Skills You Need to Move Beyond Technical and Tactical to
Influential and Impactful 

Let’s face it, you can have the best technical skills in the world, but they are not the only skills you need to succeed in your career. Unfortunately, many of us get so laser-focused on delivering innovative and flawless results on ever-receding deadlines that developing our leadership skill set is never really at the top of our to-do list.

Truth is, it should be.

Why? Cultivating essential leadership skills enhances your ability effectively connect, communicate, and collaborate with the other PEOPLE around you. This drives more consistent bottom-line results, greater engagement, higher job satisfaction, and broadens your professional growth opportunities.

You CAN excel in both the technical and leadership aspects of your role, and I can help.

Discover the Difference that makes the Difference

You excel in your technical role. Your discipline, creativity, and drive have helped you succeed so far. But now…


You feel a bit stuck. Perhaps you are looking to move up in your career and step out into the realm of leadership but lack the clarity on exactly how to make the jump. Or maybe you have just made the jump and realized you need more than just your technical skills to succeed in your new role.


The key to breaking through these obstacles and gaining traction in this new phase of your career is developing the essential skills to successfully navigate the human side of your work. Through the Engineered to Lead  Program, l help you master the critical leadership skills you need to realize your professional goals.

Applied leadership development tailored to busy professionals like you.

Designed to maximize your
growth while shortening your learning curve.

Rooted in your relevant, real-world experience with practical solutions that you design and implement immediately.

Program tailored to your unique positioning and your current challenges, with a long-term outlook for continuous growth.

Laser-Focused Sessions

Immediately Actionable

Integrated & Customized

How I Help

I offer professional applied leadership coaching and development for technical professionals that want to confidently make the jump. Whether you want 1:1 coaching or prefer the comradery of a small group setting of highly motivated individuals that are all seeking to excel as leaders, there is an option to help you succeed.

1:1 Coaching

Engineered to Lead Coaching is real-time, relevant, and application-based development that delivers impact to maximize your performance from the very start of your journey. This program is for individuals that want to take a laser-focused approach to their leadership development.

Through our collaboration, we identify your leadership goals, create a customized leadership development plan, work through obstacles, track progress, and celebrate growth. 


As with learning any new skill, we refine as we go, keeping in mind, the key to growth is understanding that there is NO failure, only feedback.  



Engineered to Lead Mastermind is a six-month accelerated, virtual, applied leadership development program. It consists of a small group of highly motivated technical professionals that meet regularly with the common goal of advancing leadership skills, influence, and impact.

We meet monthly for 2 hours. Each meeting, you will get the opportunity to bring your most pressing leadership challenge to the table and get instant ideas and resources that you can use to overcome your challenge.


Engineered to Lead Mastermind is a strategic resource that leverages the group's experience and collective brainpower to help one another solve problems, get unstuck, and move forward faster. Together, we help one another move from intentions to actual actions, holding one another accountable in a supportive environment.

Knowledge is powerful and good intentions are great.  The key to unlocking the full potential of both is action. 

-Grace Daggett

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